Schreffler Chiropractic provides professional, results-oriented chiropractic care and is dedicated to providing and restoring health and wellness with specific expertise in assisting athletes achieve peak performance.

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"...wonderful doctor..."

I was a patient of yours until last year when we moved from DC to San Francisco. I just wanted to send you a quick message as I have been thinking of you quite a bit recently. After seeing several chiropractors here, I still haven't found anyone as good as you! That's why I wanted to say a quick thanks for taking care of me so well during the last two years! You are really a wonderful doctor!

--Nina H

"...valuable service..."

Hi Dr. Kelly - I just wanted to write and say how valuable your session was with me last Saturday. I came in with three issues on my list - shoulder tightness from swimming, foot neuroma, and irritation in my hip joint. I do not know what you did but all three have shown remarkable progress over this past week. You are good and obviously very talented at what you do. I really appreciate your fine work!


"...valuable service..."

Just wanted to send over a quick thank you for taking care of my members. I've sent a few over and all have had positive experiences. It's great to have a place I can refer with confidence that they're getting proper treatment. I try to take a comprehensive approach to building these people's bodies from the ground up and in my eyes, that means getting rid of restrictions, asymmetries, and imbalances before lots of load and stress...thanks again for providing a valuable service and being great at what you do.

--Justin Case, Owner at Underground Athlete

"...improved performance..."

I've had Active Release Therapy before and/or after dozens of events, including several Ironman events and the Boston Marathon. In every case, ART has improved my performance and aided in my recovery. Dr. Schreffler worked on me at two events in my 2009 season, including before Ironman Florida, where a strong bike and a 3:36 marathon came together for a 10:50 finish, a PR by 25 minutes. Not only did Dr. Schreffler set me up for an awesome day, but he took the time to talk about my biomechanics and recommend ways for me to train healthy and get stronger. Thanks, Dr. Schreffler!

--Jack M.

"...fantastic chiropractor..."

Good morning Dr. Keith,

I hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you know that my heel is doing better and I can now walk my usual routes.  I want to express my special gratitude for your assistance.

I am going back to Canada at the end of March and will talk many times about the fantastic chiropractor in Arlington.  Every time someone tells me: "This hurts so much." I just respond: "Here, call Dr. Keith, he'll fix it!"

Thanks again.  My best regards to your fantastic assistant.

--Francine H.

"...great experience..."

Dr. Schreffler,

Having tried everything to relieve my jaw pain, I happened to mention the problem without any expectation that Chiropractic medicine would have a solution.  The Active Release Therapy on my TMJ, face and jaw was a great experience that "rewired" the muscle responses in a new way to relax instead of spasms, locking up and teeth grinding.  Really glad of the results that were cheaper, faster and much more convenient than anything else I ever tried before.


"...helps recovery..."

Dear Dr. Schreffler,

Many thanks for all your help in my recovery!  I finished 2nd in my age group [in the half marathon] and 10th overall female... it was my second best time so I am really pleased!

--Whitney S.

"...enables best shape..."

Dr. Schreffler,

I wanted to send a quick note that my show went well. I believe I looked my all time best. The results were not my best - I was 5th place for the Masters over 35 Heavyweight and the Open Light-Heavyweight - but the level of competition was very high. I actually weighed in at 9 pounds heavier than the July show. I attribute that primarily to my ability to train heavier and harder which would not have been possible without my shoulders in good working order. There's no doubt that your ART therapy enabled me to come in my best shape ever. Time for a break and who knows what next year holds?

--Stephen A.

"...genuinely cares for his patients..."

Dr. Schreffler is an amazing chiropractor and a personal friend of mine. I have seen him for several years now and have been extremely impressed with his expertise, service and professionalism. He has treated me for back pain along with sports injury pain associated with a hamstring tear. He is meticulous and observant in both the diagnosis and treatment stages by asking questions and explaining what he's doing along the way. He makes you feel comfortable with any/all treatments before he performs them. He genuinely cares for his patients - - he is personable, friendly and overall just an outstanding individual. His location is convenient to the DC area (right off the Court House metro), with parking available as well. I highly recommend Dr. Schreffler to anyone seeking general chiropractic or sports injury and/or rehabilitation care. I honestly can't say enough good things about him!!

--Sue S.
"...incredibly knowledgeable..."

Dr. Schreffler is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of skating (from stretching to skating technique). He gave me very useful suggestions regarding my posture which made a big difference in my skating.

--David G.